Creating Safe and Healthy places for all Commercial, Retail & Residential Environments.


What We Do

Our deep cleanse system dispenses a harmless disinfectant vapour giving a visual indication of coverage, leaves no trace, with no wiping down required!

Key features

  • Easy to use – no specialist training required
  • Sanitises all enclosed areas, even hard to reach places
  • Deodorises
  • Safe to be in the area when sanitising, using an appropriate mask
  • Contains a high level of disinfectant effective against viruses as defined in EN14476, which includes all Coronavirus’ and SARS-CoV-2
  • Protects staff, clients, home, family & pets
  • Available for purchase or sanitising team visit

What Our Clients Think

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Philip Watson
Restaurant Manager
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Emma Roberts
Home Owner
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Olivia Spencer

Facts About Our Product


All the ingredients in the COV-RID High-Level Disinfectant were selected based not only on their disinfectant properties, but also as ingredients that are already known to be safely used in many skin products. The quaternary ammonium compounds are also used safely in the food industry and have been for many decades. Therefore, all the individual ingredients have high safety profiles.


* Powerful sanitising
* Highly effective
* Fast-acting
* Ecologically friendly
* Quick to use and downtime is minimal – saving labour time
* Dry dispersal, over- all more cost effective than wet methods

Organic and Safe

* High end disinfectant product that is noncarcinogenic
* Completely safe around food, humans, animals, and plant life
* Constructed entirely from trusted ingredients.